Figma links in one place

Linksistent is a Chrome extension that provides a consolidated access point for up-to-date Figma design files or prototypes.


Same problem, different day

How often do you search or bookmark a design document, only for the link to become outdated seemingly overnight or the latest version is hard to determine?

With Linksistent, you'll have an inventory of the latest designs you need right at your fingertips.


Chrome Extension for the whole team

The Linksistent extension helps the team to have quick access and be always up-to-date with design files.

* All users need to be members of the team with at least viewer permission.


How to start with the Linksistent

Follow these two simple steps to set up and start using your Extension.

Add Linksistent to Chrome

On the Chrome web store, add a Linksistent extension to the Chrome browser and connect with your Figma account.

Paste design team id

The first step of a set up will ask you for the design team id. Next, you'll see a list of projects which are associated with that Team.

* To be able to use a team id, you need to be a team member.


Multiple projects

The Linksistent extension allows you to save multiple design projects. This is particularly useful when you want to have quick access to many different design projects. Watch Installation & Demo Setup to learn more.


For Linksistent content creators

How to create and manage Linksistent content, use this How to steps & Templates Figma file guidance. You should also check the FAQs section to get some answers.

For a video tutorial, you can check step by step flow by Tutorial Tim.