Frequently Asked Questions

Answers that might help you understand this product

1. How does it work?

A designer on a team creates or uses one of the existing templates for a project. This project is the primary source, which is displayed in your Linksistent Extension.

2. Can I edit the content?

Not in the extension. If you have Figma editor permissions, you can edit or create new project.

3. Do I need to have a Figma account?

Yes, you need to have a Figma account and at least viewer permissions for a specific team you'll use as your connection.

4. Why does a search take so long?

Searching time for available projects in a team depends on the number of design files that Linksistent needs to go through.

5. Will this increase our monthly Figma bill?

Users of a Linksistent need to have at least viewer permissions, and since Figma charges only for editor permissions, this will not change your Figma bill.

6. Can I connect to multiple teams?

The ability to connect to multiple teams will be possible in the future, but it's not right now.

7. Do you have access to my links/data?

No. You're accessing Figma via a secure Oauth2 connection, and all the data is saved to your local storage.

8. Where and how to create the content?

As long as you follow the naming convention, you can create a list of links in any Figma file inside the specific team directory. Use this Figma file with How-to steps and templates as a starting point.